We started in 1995 building our own trailers under the name Semo Welding.  Many of which are still out there.  In 1999 Semo Trailers was incorporated and we quickly grew in  the enclosed and utility trailer sales market.

We were instrumental in bringing many manufacturer’s to the Hampton Roads area, where several still flourish.  We were a Top 5 Dealer for Homesteader Trailers our first year.  We helped introduce the region to Carry-On Trailers, Lark, Diamond Cargo, Bendron, Covered Wagon Trailers, Spartan and others.

We continue to support numerous organizations in our area.  Norfolk Admirals, Elizabeth City MX, Bayside Harley Davidson, Outer Banks HD, Fleet Ride, Driver Days, numerous Boy Scout Troops, Churches and others.

We are pleased to call  Hampton Roads (or Tidewater, or Coastal VA) Virginia our home and have been fortunate to have made numerous friends along the way.

Special thanks to Vix aka Precious, Cookie Cook, Crab Man John, Rag-Mop Joe, Tony, Elder Lou, Brother Dave, Lyle, Snake, Lolo, Nogger, Renae, Jared, Debbie and Donna.  And of course my ever so loyal Lucky, Buster, Zekee and Duke.